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These are some of the books I've read over the last couple of years, complete with a tiny summary and a rating. If you enjoy this list or would like to chat about any of these books, let me know!

cover for Meditations

Meditations — by Marcus Aurelius

Rating: 10/10

A book filled with wisdom about how to live a good life. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, and most powerful man of his time, wrote what became Meditations as a...

cover for The Law

The Law — by Frédéric Bastiat

Rating: 9/10

The Law was a delightful read. It’s unusual to find authors who can communicate a point across as clearly and succinctly as Bastiat. My favorite ideas from the book: Each...

cover for Anything You Want

Anything You Want — by Derek Sivers

Rating: 9/10

A collection of anecdotes and golden nuggets for life and business. This book is good because Sivers is a non-conventional thinker and entrepreneur, who has managed to stay true to...

cover for Ego is the Enemy

Ego is the Enemy — by Ryan Holiday

Rating: 8/10

A book that asks us to reconsider if the ego is a necessary evil to drive success. In part, it does so by redefining what success is. Is it winning...

cover for Traction

Traction — by Gabriel Weinsberg

Rating: 7/10

Traction is a book that solves one problem for you: How to get traction for your company. It presents a framework where out of 19 possible traction channels, you will...

cover for The Dip

The Dip — by Seth Godin

Rating: 7/10

A book about knowing when to stick to something (when you have a change of being the best in the world) or when to quit (when you don’t). It made...

cover for Seveneves

Seveneves — by Neal Stephenson

Rating: 7/10

Seveneves was fascinating. I found the plot captivating and interesting, the characters were deep and quirky, and the book had an overall good rhythm. I enjoyed reading about orbits and...

cover for Running Strong

Running Strong — by Dr. Jordan Metzl

Rating: 7/10

This book is filled with actionable advice on how to prevent injuries, how to treat injuries, and how to maintain a consistent running practice. It helped me understand why I...

cover for Hacktivismo

Hacktivismo — by Santiago Siri

Rating: 6/10

Hacktivismo tells the story of technology-driven changes in power. When the printing press was invented, the ability to receive and read messages changed from being in the hands of those...

cover for The Evolution of Everything

The Evolution of Everything — by Matt Ridley

Rating: 6/10

This book is an expansive look into how Darwin’s Theory of Evolution applies to many more areas than just those that have genes – culture, morality, religion, the universe, education,...

cover for The Road to Character

The Road to Character — by David Brooks

Rating: 5/10

The book’s main argument is that there are two types of virtues: Résumé virtues – the traits that drive external success Eulogy virtues - Those that will be talked about...