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cover for Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind — by Yuval Harari

Rating: 8/10

Sapiens is both a philosophy and a history book. Exploring the human specie through its different epochs, from 6 million years ago (about the time where chimpanzees and humans had the last common “grandmother”) to the present time (where we are genetically engineering new species and modifying others), begs the question of: What’s the purpose of evolution, both biological and social?

The author sees everything from the light of another question: Are we [through evolution] reducing suffering and increasing happiness not only of the human species, but of all living creatures?

Sapiens has led me to rethink how I understand the world around us – How I understand science, religion, nationalism and political systems, ethics, and society.

My key insight from this book is that the circumstances that we are living right now as a specie are a culmination of millions of years of scaffolding, both because of nature finding the best way to solve a problem and a myriad of coincidences.

We shouldn’t take the tacit rules of our times as final, for we have been, and we will be ever changing.