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cover for Hacktivismo

Hacktivismo — by Santiago Siri

Rating: 6/10

Hacktivismo tells the story of technology-driven changes in power.

When the printing press was invented, the ability to receive and read messages changed from being in the hands of those who had access to books, to being in the hands of everyone. This changed everything. People now had access to knowledge and could form their own opinions about the world, which led to massive revolutions like the Reformation.

With the web though, the ability to broadcast messages changed from being in the hands of a few to being available to everyone. This again, is changing the structure of power in society.

With the web, anyone can broadcast and receive messages at almost no cost, which opens the doors to massive decentralization. Siri walks us through how this idea can be applied to governance, education, money, and many other areas.

Ultimately, this is a book about how we can use technology as a force for good.